Happy Rant / Humor / Podcast & Radio / July 9, 2014

The Happy Rant: Alive and Kicking

After a brief hiatus so Stephen could move his family to Del Boca Vista (or some such place) the Happy Rant podcast is back and as mediocre as ever. We would apologize for the delay, but since we’re doing this out of the goodness of our hearts for 0 dollars I don’t feel too bad. So any way, enjoy the rants about all things cultured and uncultured.

In last week’s episode we discuss:

  • Why  there are so many different “Study Bibles” and propose some new ones to be published
  • Since John piper once toured with LeCrae (fiction) what band would we want to tour with?
  • How angry evangelicals actually do their opponents a favor by getting all pissy bout their books
  • Is the World Cup being more aggressively shoved down our throats? Is Soccer one of the great American sports?

Here’s what you need to do:

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