Happy Rant / Podcast & Radio / July 25, 2014

The Happy Rant Podcast: Clickbaitey Headlines, Worship Music That Needs Retiring, and more

After what seemed like an eternity Stephen, Ted, and I got back in the studio to record another episode of The Happy Rant. Of course, by “studio” I mean two living rooms and a little league field. Our audio quality remains subpar, but really, that’s part of our “campy” charm, right?

In this episode we talk about:

  • The reaction to my new book, The Pastor’s Kid, including the interview I did with Jonathan Merritt about the “dysfunctions” in my family. Or at least that’s what the title would have had you believe.
  • Worship songs that need to be retired and a proposal for how to remedy the overplaying of said songs.
  • Nicknames for each of us (Hint: Stephen get’s nicknamed after someone who gets shot in the head and dropped off a boat).
  • Movies that get better each time you watch them, you know, the ones you will ALWAYS stop on when flipping channels.

You know the drill:


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