Humor / July 22, 2014

The Randomest Ways People Find This Blog: 2nd Edition

People use the Google in some funny ways. Or maybe Google just messes with people. What follows are actual search terms people used which led them to this blog. I leave it to you to figure out whether these queries and the subsequent results are Google messing with the searchers or messing with me.

(All typos, misspellings, and other errors are reflective of the exact searches.)

1) how do talk to person that don’t want to talk

Better question: how do write complete sentence without pronouns or articles.

2) white people have no idea

This seems like someone was actually informing google rather than querying. Google now knows precisely how much of an idea white people have.

3) hot wife blog

I feel like I should be very proud. And then I should find out who searched this and beat them senseless.

4) book

What, exactly was this person hoping to find with this search? The definition of “book”? Pictures of books? The best books in the world? Well, good news! This blog has suggestions for all of the above.

5) cyril georgeson biodata

I had to google this just to figure out how to make fun of it. I got nothing. Except I can guarantee you they did not find what they were looking for.

6) gey mooby

I present this without comment, but every time I read it it makes me chuckle.

7) My fat girl

I have never not ever no never blogged about fat girls. Especially not YOUR fat girl. You are in the wrong blog, fella.AE-11131-S_zoom__84451_std

8) Undarwinian

I found myself having a bit of an existential crisis that such  search term would lead people to this site. It’s like someone stuck one of those stupid fish-eating-the-fish-wth-legs decals on my homepage or something.

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