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When Jesus Showed Up – A Conversation with Charles Morris

I have had the chance to meet a lot of leading Christian figures. Charles Morris, though, stands out to me as one of the most genuine and Christ-like of any I have met. Each time I speak with him and book1_42his wife, Janet, I come away genuinely encouraged.

Charles is the host of the radio program Haven Today and recently co-authored a book with Janet called Missing Jesus: Finding Your Life In His Great Story. It’s a book that’s really aimed at people who have put their faith in Christ but somewhere along the way lost Jesus. That’s a lot of us who call ourselves Christians. The Morrises have their own story and share many others, but the reason this book works is because of the sincerity and constancy of their connection to Jesus. It is visible in all they do, not in a weird or preachy way, but in the way that makes you want what they have. I imagine it’s a bit of what Jesus left people feeling like.

I had the chance to have a short conversation with Charles on Haven Today this week about my own encounter with Jesus. There’s nobody I would have rather talked to about this. I hope the conversation is an encouragement to you. Grab their book while you’re at it. It will encourage and challenge you.

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