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Dealing with the Evils of the NFL

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Last week I joined two writers from Christ & Pop Culture on their podcast, where we discussed an article that asks, “Does watching the NFL make you evil?” The article itself isn’t terribly clear, nor does it make a compelling case, but the question is one worth asking.

The National Football League is under significant scrutiny these days for the behavior of its players, how its handled those situations (or not handled them), and for player safety on the field. Given the mounting list of missteps and flaws the league has shown, some seemingly intentional, is it a bad idea to associate ourselves with it? Are we promoting evil by enjoying NFL football? Would boycotting the NFL be the responsible Christian thing to do?

I do not think so, although it might be a responsible Christian thing to do. We should do nothing against our conscience, and for some that will mean giving up on the NFL. For others, they will continue to watch pro football. What we cannot do is tell the other group, whichever side we find ourselves on, that they are wrong. It is not as simple as that.

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