Happy Rant / Podcast & Radio / September 24, 2014

The Happy Rant Podcast Episode 15: Hate Mail, Social Media Competition, and Chasing Stupid Dreams

In the latest episode of The Happy Rant Stephen Altrogge, Ted Kluck and I discuss some pressing matters.

  • We receive our first hate mail. Well, we receive our first “smug corrective” email. And we offer an apology for it, and then another, and then several more.
  • We discuss how social media has turned everything into a competition from sending one’s kids off to school to taking your significant other on a date.
  • We offer some sound, grounded advice about what it really means to chase one’s dreams. And we point out that some dreams aren’t worth chasing.
  • And I get a couple recommendations for good contemporary fiction from the other two gents.

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