Happy Rant / Podcast & Radio / October 15, 2014

The Happy Rant Podcast: Church Publicity Stunts, a New Breed of Church Scandal, and Why People Love All things Apocalypse, and

Look what day it is. Look what DAY IT IS! HUMP DAAAAY. And because it’s Wednesday you need to listen to the latest episode of the Happy Rant. And really what other reason do you need?

Well, here are a few more. In this episode we discuss:

Church publicity stunts and what place they have in the church. (Hint: It’s not in a bed on the roof.)

Have church scandals changed over they years or are we just freaking out about different stuff?

Why do people love all things apocalypse so much. From zombies, to the rapture, to viruses to aliens any time you turn the TV on you can see the world ending.

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