Humor / October 1, 2014

The Randomest Ways People Find This Blog: 4th Edition

People use the Google in some funny ways. Or maybe Google just messes with people. What follows are actual search terms people used which led them to this blog. I leave it to you to figure out whether these queries and the subsequent results are Google messing with the searchers or messing with me.

(All typos, misspellings, and other errors are reflective of the exact searches.)

1) christians clickish piper

This search term sure was CLICKish.

2) poor guys with hot wives

I consider this an underhanded compliment to both me and my wife.

3) theological views of barnabas piper

I do have them, but you must read and share ever blog post on this site discover what they are.

4) what happened tp barnabus piper

I used to TP houses. I was quite good at it, in fact. Thank you. Maybe I should add that to my bio.

5) egyptian wedding hollering

I just . . . well . . . I think . . . I don’t know.

6) what does it mean to no your audience

I’m not entirely sure, but I suspect they wouldn’t like it. I hope they don;t take “no” for an answer just to teach you a lesson.

7) when we get chest

Then you will no longer be the subject of one of C.S. Lewis’s famous essays.

8) download some book writen by pastors

I’m glad to know this searcher is discerning and has such high standards.

9) barnabas piper independent

If any term was to describe my political leanings it could be this one.

10) food as love language

See, Gary Chapman? SEE?!

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Oct 01, 2014

The best thing is that you’re probably not paying a penny for those advertising keywords.
Keep up the good work – I’ve especially enjoyed the Happy Rant Podcast. You guys are great.

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