What “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” Does Not Mean

From my most recent post at The Blazing Center:

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus gave us this as the second of the two greatest commandments. Paul described it as the summation or fulfillment of the whole law. No complicated explanations, lists of caveats, or endless parsing – just “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

And we westerners have taken it to heart. Sort of. It’s more accurate to say that we have taken it and fit it to our hearts.

It has morphed from “Love your neighbor as yourself” to “Love your neighbor because you love yourself” to “Love yourself so you can love your neighbor.” Instead of reflecting the one who gave the command it has been, to create a term, Gollum-ized into a twisted, nasty, self-focused, inverted mantra. We have made ourselves the focus of the love.

Watch reality TV some time. It could be American IdolThe Biggest LoserThe Bachelor, or something else. But no matter which show it is there is good chance that you will hear something to the effect of “you know, you just have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.” It’s the American mantra of self-love that we claim leads to real love but really offers no love at all.

The claim of increasing one’s self-love in order to love others more is rubbish. Increased self-love impedes love of others; it is an obstacle. It’s not even real love, more like idolatry. And it is not what Jesus intended and it is not the kind love about which Paul wrote.

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