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At Bat, On Deck, and In The Hole – The Next 3 Books I’ll Read

At Bat:

51Lh6+Nw8pLHelping Without Hurting in Short Term Missions – by Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett

In When Helping Hurts, Fikkert and Corbett laid out a paradigm of what true poverty is and how people and churches often contribute to it even when trying to help. Now they turn their attention to short term missions trips. They specifically focus on trips that are doing “poverty relief” (well digging, service projects, etc.). I am looking forward to seeing the practical applications of their wisdom in an area that so often seeks to do good but doesn’t quit know how to go about it. The book comes with a leaders guide too and should be a great tool for any missions pastor, youth leader, or other missions trip leader to use with a team.


On Deck:

91BCsisO+sL._SL1500_Lone Survivor – by Marcus Luttrell

I am fascinated by real-life accounts of military action. I think it’s because of the respect I have for the men on the front lines and my curiosity about their mindset, courage, and drive. I want to know what it’s like to risk one’s life to carry out a mission and to leave no man behind. I know this book is intense and likely heart-wrenching, but that’s real, especially for those who risk the most. I know more than one man who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, some in the special forces, so to get a glimpse of what their missions were like and to see the reality behind the politics is gripping and eye-opening.



In The Hole:

41VtXe5+f1LHow To Write Short – by Roy Peter Clark

I find a touch of irony in a 250+ page book about writing short, but I am looking forward to this one. Being able to concisely communicate something with clarity and craft is hard. I want to get better at it, and I hope this book offers some ideas and tips as well as good examples. I always want to improve my own writing, and any book that can assist me in that is worth some of my time and brain power.


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