Quotes / November 21, 2014

Fresh Friday Quote: N.D. Wilson

Each Friday I will share a quote I appreciate. It might be long or short. It might be funny or thought provoking.

Your world is tiny, yes. But God gets tinier. not one dust mite falls through the carpet fibers and into the pad apart from from your Father. He’s big enough that small doesn’t matter. Dust-mite drama doesn’t use up His attention, taking it away from something deemed by mentally incontinent college professors to be more worthy of His attention. When one is infinite, one can enjoy two black holes arm-wrestling over a galactic snack, and an uncoordinated junior high quarterback struggling to escape an overweight junior high defensive end. Infinite goes all the way up and all the way down; and at every level, with equal attention, He creates with the full dose of his personality.

– N.D. Wilson, Death By Living: Life Is Meant To Be Spent, page 5

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