Quotes / November 28, 2014

Fresh Friday Quote: George MacDonald

Each Friday I will share a quote I appreciate. It might be long or short. It might be funny or thought provoking.

A conversation between princess Irene and her Grandmother:

“I’ve brought Curdie, grandmother. He wouldn’t believe what I’ve told him and so I’ve brought him.”

“Yes – I see him. He is a good boy, Curdie, and a brave boy. Aren’t you glad you’ve got him out?”

“Yes, grandmother. But it wasn’t very good of him not to believe when I was telling him the truth.”

“People must believe what they can, and those who believe more must not be hard upon those who believe less. I doubt if you would have believed it all yourself if you hadn’t seen some of it!”

 George MacDonald, The Princess and the Goblin, pages 186-18

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