Blazing Center / Interviews / Social Media / December 11, 2014

How Should We Respond To Internet Trolls?

“Trolling” on the internet is something that’s hard to succinctly define but you know it if you see it. And when you see it you probably hate it. Last week I had the chance to talk with Karl and June on Moody Radio Chicago’s Morning Show. They raised a number of questions about social media trolling and how Christians should respond.

  • What is trolling?
  • Is it worth responding to?
  • Is it wise to take breaks from social media?
  • Does all the abuse make it not worth it to be on social media?
  • Why invest in social media interactions when we can have off-line, personal conversations?

All of these are good questions and I shared my thoughts. You can listen here.

A Conversation About Trolling and The Christian Response

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