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A Christian’s Response to Public Failure

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Fallenness is in the news every day . . . Brian Williams, anchor of the NBC Nightly News, is one recent example.

Public response to such falls is always outrage, usually unrelenting and in ALL CAPS, with calls to tar and feather them. The internet provides an engulfing flamethrower of vitriol, excoriation, and self-righteous grandstanding. And what’s most disturbing of all is how Christians love to get in on the fun, too.

Such responses are distinctly unbiblical. While sin must be corrected and violators should face consequences, most of the time you and I do not play a role in that process, other than publicizing and shaming. But before we respond to the failure of a public figure, we should ask ourselves the following five questions:

1) Will my response lead people to repentance or resentment?

. . .
2) Are we leaving room for restoration, or are we merely leaving the husk of a man behind?

. . .
3) Are we willing and able to examine our own hearts and see any similarities we have with the accused?

. . .
4) When will we “allow” restoration to happen?

. . .
5) Do we actually believe in grace?

. . .

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