Basketball / Sports / Video / February 21, 2015

The Big Ticket Is The Best

I love NBA basketball. Do yo know why? Because I got to watch Kevin Garnett, “The Big Ticket”, play for the Minnesota Timberwolves from 1995 until 2007. He showed unparalleled competitiveness, never-before-seen skills from a big man, loyalty, the best team defense since Bill Russell, fire, and fun. He led teams full of marginal NBA talent to the playoffs year after year and was under-appreciated because his supporting cast was <em>so</em> bad. And then he was traded to Boston where he won a championship and played in another. He showed the impact he could have when his team mates were, you know, good. It was bitter sweet for Wolves fans like me. We loved him and wished it had been here, for us.

But this week the prodigal son (now more like the prodigal grandpa) came home as the Timberwolves traded for him. He is old. He is slow. He is a shell of himself. He will not bring championships. And it’s awesome that he’s back. Out of sheer enjoyment of my favorite basketball player ever I share with you the top 10 plays of Kevin Garnett’s career.

“I feel ya young fella! Don’t be so mean, KG!”

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