Creflo Dollar’s Real Name, Organic Whole Vaccine Free Lifestyles, and Recommended Books and Tunes

Admit it, the release of a new episode of The Happy Rant is the high point of your week. Everything else lives in the shadow of this momentous weekly event. Well good news for you! It’s time for another rollicking, mind-bending, intellect deadening, gut-busting good time. In episode 33 we rant about the following.

  • Creflo Dollar’s insane (ingenious?) request for donations to by a lear jet “for charity”
  • An even more pressing question: What is Creflo Dollar’s real name? Is he a living fulfilled prophecy or just an awesome name chooser?
  •  The “lifestyle” movement toward wholeorganicunvaccinatednoantibioticfitnessfoodwellness
  • What we are reading and listening to currently

We’d also like to thank  Mere Church for sponsoring this podcast. Mere Church provides, awesome, affordable church websites designed by a team of gifted folks who have put together sites from leading international ministries and businesses but have a heart for the local church. They offer 24/7 phone and email support so you can focus on other pressing areas of ministry.

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Introducing MereChurch from Mere Agency on Vimeo.

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