New Happy Rant Episode: The Pastor Draft

On this latest episode of the Happy Rant we embark on something never before done: an NFL-style, Mel Kiper inspired, Pastor Draft. Barnabas, Ted , and Stephen each select a team of prominent pastors with the intent of building the ultimate church leader team. We debate. We argue. We jab and insult. We rationalize and explain. It is truly epic.

Per usual, we cover various and sundry other topics. Ted also offers a reading from Re:Raptured, his forthcoming life changing end times novel.

We’d also like to thank  Mere Church for sponsoring this podcast. Mere Church provides, awesome, affordable church websites designed by a team of gifted folks who have put together sites from leading international ministries and businesses but have a heart for the local church. They offer 24/7 phone and email support so you can focus on other pressing areas of ministry.

For the month of March they are running a special offer for listeners of the podcast and visitors of The Blazing Center. Visit for details.

Introducing MereChurch from Mere Agency on Vimeo.

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