Amish Romance and Christian T-Shirts

In this week’s episode of The Happy Rant Ted, Stephen, and I rectify some serious issues. We make some things right that had gone egregiously wrong. We clarify some opacity. And we set upright some upended realities. Here they are:

  • The boldest, clearest sponsorship yet – no bait and switch, no subtlety, no coercion
  • Amish romance fiction and our potential to become best-selling authors
  • Christian apparel and the Christian witness


This month we have TWO sponsors. Crossway Books is back as a sponsor featuring Behold The King of Glory by Russ Ramsey, a contributor to The Blazing Center. It’s a fantastic look at the work and life of Christ leading up to Easter. It is great as a Lent devotional but is a wonderful resource any time for someone who wants a fresh, eye-opening look at Jesus’ ministry, life, mission, and the passion week. Visit to get 40% off and free shipping 

We’d also like to thank  Mere Church for sponsoring this podcast. Mere Church provides, awesome, affordable church websites designed by a team of gifted folks who have put together sites from leading international ministries and businesses but have a heart for the local church. They offer 24/7 phone and email support so you can focus on other pressing areas of ministry. Visit for details.

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