Easter Gripes, “Hire, Fire, Excommunicate”, and Chasing Your Dream Job

Easter has come and gone, and in spite of the religious significance (actually because of the significance) we have some beefs with how it’s celebrated. And that’s just the beginning of this latest spectacular episode of The Happy Rant. We cover much ground thereafter too!

  • Easter gripes (not so much about easter but about the silly way it’s celebrated)
  • Hire, Fire, Excommunicate: a brand new bit in which Ted and Barnabas determine whether they will hire, fire, or excommunicate a list of three famous pastors.
  • Quitting everything to pursue your dream job: is this even remotely  biblical, let alone smart?


This month we have TWO sponsors. Crossway Books is back as a sponsor featuring Behold The King of Glory by Russ Ramsey, a contributor to The Blazing Center. It’s a fantastic look at the work and life of Christ leading up to Easter. It is great as a Lent devotional but is a wonderful resource any time for someone who wants a fresh, eye-opening look at Jesus’ ministry, life, mission, and the passion week. Visit Crossway.org/Behold to get 40% off and free shipping 

We’d also like to thank  Mere Church for sponsoring this podcast. Mere Church provides, awesome, affordable church websites designed by a team of gifted folks who have put together sites from leading international ministries and businesses but have a heart for the local church. They offer 24/7 phone and email support so you can focus on other pressing areas of ministry. Visit MereChurch.com/Rant for details.

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