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Fresh Friday Quote: Dr. Amy Black

 Each Friday I will share a quote I appreciate. It might be long or short. It might be funny or thought provoking.


“Since we all have imperfect knowledge this side of heaven and we are created to serve different functions in the body of believers, it follows that Christians may disagree on political issues. One person may have special concern and care about education,while another is a strong advocate for the environment, and yet another has a passion for tax policy. We can celebrate these passionate perspectives as its from God . . . Perhaps God even impresses on the hearts of two Christian believers political views that seem, from our limited perspective, direct opposites . . . Think of how discussions of politics within our churches would change if we began conversations with the recognition that our own particular view on a political issue is imperfect and that another person who holds a different view might also have insight from God.”

– Dr. Amy Black, Honoring God in Red or Bluepage 25

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