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Fresh Friday Quote: Louis Markos

Each Friday I will share a quote I appreciate. It might be long or short. It might be funny or thought provoking.


” If faith is more a transcendent vision, then hope is more an imminent expectation: the former gives us new eyes with which to see the unseen; the second gives us a new heart that cannot be defeated by present pain or darkness. To live in hope is to know for a certainty, to know with one’s whole being, that good will come out of evil, that there will be a happy ending. And not some forced, arbitrary, tagged-on happy ending, but one that is both natural and necessary, that rises up out of the evil itself. The kind of ending that you could never have guessed but that strikes you, when it comes, as exactly the right kind of ending.”

– Lou Markos, On The Shoulders of Hobbits, page 124

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