New Happy Rant: Ted’s Beef With Booklists, Best Sequels Ever, Cold Contact Evangelism

It’s summer time and that means it’s when everybody who thinks people care puts out book lists of “what I’m reading this summer.” Ted isn’t super keen on this, so of course we must talk about it (and a bunch of other great stuff.

  • Why Ted thinks book lists are dumb.
  • What are the best sequel movies ever?
  • Is cold-contact evangelism good idea?
  • What Ted needs to know to move to the South.


In other big news we have a new sponsor! We want to thank The Good Book Company for supporting the podcast. They are offering you, dear listeners, a KILLER offer on a book called The Big Fight. It would make an ideal father’s day gift or just a gift to yourself. If you go to and use the discount code dad15 you can get a 30% discount and free shipping (that beats Amazon). Check it out!

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