New Happy Rant: Christian Version Of Facebook, Overdone Weddings, Russell Wilson Abstinence

Another Monday morning boost for you! Here’s the latest Happy Rant with only the hottest of takes on the most pressing of topics.

  • – a Brazilian Christian Facebook that filters out all “sinful” content. Is this kind of thing helpful? Should we start in The U.S.A. too?
  • What’s the deal with weddings? Why have they gotten so out of control, why do best men still get to give speeches, and why do parents insist ons till doing those ridiculous never-ending slide shows of baby pictures?
  • Russell Wilson is dating a super model named Ciara and recently went public stating they weren’t having sex. Is that kind of declaration helpful for Christians in the public eye?


Thank you to David C. Cook for sponsoring the podcast this week. In a fun, slightly awkward, mostly delightful twist they are promoting my latest book, Help My Unbelief: Why Doubt Is Not The Enemy of Faith. Currently It is on sale on Amazon for 45 % off on the paperback and 47% off on the kindle edition. Go ahead and snag one or 12. David C. Cook and I would both be grateful.

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