A Podcast for Leaders (Or Followers of Leaders)

In July my boss, Todd Adkins, and I launched a podcast called 5 Leadership Questions. Todd is the director of Leadership at LifeWay Christian Resources, and our team’s aim is to resource and train churches in their efforts at developing volunteers.

We thought a weekly podcast would be a helpful thing to connect with church leaders, offer practical and life advice, and encourage them. We always use the same format – 5 questions with a guest or about a pertinent topic. We have had on John Piper (Yes, interviewing one’s dad about leadership in the home is both fun and a tad awkward.), Dave Ramsey, John MaxwellJeff VandersteltThabiti AnyabwileThom Rainer, and many others. In the coming weeks we will have Max Lucado, Brian Houston, Carey Nieuwhof, Darrin Patrick and more. We always ask the same 5 questions which launch lively conversations.

  • Who are you learning from?
  • What is the main point of emphasis for your leadership team (or self) right now?
  • What obstacles are you currently facing in leadership, either in your organization or personally?
  • What does leadership in your home look like?
  • What would you tell your 20-year-old self about preparing to lead?

The responses we get from leaders are almost invariably thoughtful, personal, insightful, and brutally honest. Each brings his or her own experience and personality, and the conversation is applicable well beyond the bounds of just organizational leadership. I have learned a ton about parenting, discipleship, marriage, discipline, work-ethic, humility, and more just hosting and asking questions.

If you are a podcast listener, would you subscribe? You will be challenged and encouraged and I think you’ll enjoy it along the way!

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