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Several months ago I shared my top 10 favorite podcasts. That list remains largely unchanged, still my favorites. But I have come across several new podcasts that I enjoy almost equally as much. Here’s why should try them out too.

MTS_ItunesTitleMove the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah

Daniel Jeremiah is a former college QB and NFL scout who, along with co-host Bucky Brooks, breaks down NFL games and players from a scout’s perspective. It is a fast moving podcast that offers a TON more insight into how football works than typical ESPN “commentary. They compare players, talk about matchups, and break down all aspects of actual football (as opposed to the off-field stuff). Both hosts are exceptionally likable and the banter is enjoyable. If you’re an NFL fan you’ll almost certainly appreciate this.


podcast_mediacircusSI Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch

Dietsch is a long-time writer for SI, and in this podcast he interviews other media members about their work and careers. As a media member himself, Deitsch knows insightful questions to ask and gets pretty deep into controversial and personal topics. He does not shy away from conflicts, past or present. He draws out answers about behind-the-scenes stories. What makes this podcast so fascinating is not the big names, though he does have those. It’s the picture it paints of how journalists and media members at the highest level go about their work. It’s not tabloid. It’s behind the curtain.

YC9O-eiPSong Exploder

Song Exploder is on the avant garde side of things. In it musicians break down how they composed and performed their songs. Many of the artists are ones I’ve never heard of, but it is fascinating hearing how they put together a piece of music bit by bit. I love learning how creative people do creative things, and this the most elemental form of that – from the idea that sparked the song to the stacking of the musical elements to make an entire piece. As you’d imagine, some episodes are mind blowing and others are snort-inducing. But it’s always worth a listen.


Calling all writers (and serious readers)! Longform is one of my current favorite sources of learning about writing. It doesn’t cover the craft except tangentially. Instead the hosts sit down with writers and authors of long form (get it?) pieces and talk about their work. They talk about how they come up with stories, their work habits, how they got published, what made them want to write in the first place, and more. They get some of the best and most notable writers, young and old, as guests. If you have any interest in the writing life or in reading the work of fine writers you must listen to this one.

timferrissshowart-500x500The Tim Ferriss Show

I don’t really want to like Tim Ferriss. He comes off as somewhat self-satisfied and smarmy. But I can’t help but acknowledge that he is one of the best question askers I have ever listened to. He does his homework. He digs out fantastic insights. He’s annoyingly smart. And no matter the guest (and he gets the A-list of leaders and creators) he makes the interview interesting. He is in it to learn and that means listeners learn too. For those with a hunger to sponge knowledge of people who are good at stuff, this is a fantastic podcast.

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