Blazing Center / Happy Rant / October 27, 2015

New Happy Rant: Chaz Marriot Cameo, Draft Kings Craziness, and Why We Need Losers

The long awaited day has come. The one, the only (the pretentious and obnoxious) CHAZ FREAKING MARRIOT is on the podcast. If you want to blow your own mind and come away a marketing genius this is the episode for you. But of course we don’t stop there.

  • We take on DraftKings and FanDuel and all those other hideous and insidious one-day fantasy football platforms,
  • We ask whether losers make life better (not losers like you in seventh grade; losers like the Chicago Cubs).

And we have a brand new sponsor – Lemon Street Mobile. Lemon Street Mobile is a local business run by an awesome guy named Brian who takes fantastic care of customers and also uses his business as an opportunity to reach his community for Jesus. Now he’s taking the business national and wants you to be part of it. He offers a sweet protection plan for phones (including repair and/or replacement options) for just $5/month and a $69 deductible. That’s less than 1/2 the price of the ones offered by service providers. AND for podcast listeners Brian is offering a 10% discount of that killer price All you have to do is use promo code HAPPYRANT at checkout. Visit

Not only this he does trade-ins. Use the same code at checkout to get a 10% increase on your phone’s trade-in value.

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