Blazing Center / Happy Rant / November 2, 2015

New Happy Rant: Stephen’s Retirement, Adult Halloween Parties, and Adopting a New Team

We come to you with heavy hearts and some sad news. Stephen has decided for personal reasons and to spend more time with his family and to pursue other professional endeavors and to deal with some undisclosed issues and because he’s lost the love of the game to step away from the podcast. He is retiring in the George Foreman/Michael Jordan sense. We could see him back when he feels the time is right (or when the pay day is big enough. Or when his gambling debt is paid off. Or when he gets out of rehab.)

Stephen will be missed. He is welcome back to the team at any time. And the show will go on. Ted and I will bring in a new co-host, and while Stephen can never be replaced we will soldier on, find a new dynamic, and continue bringing you the in sincerest of takes on the most arbitrary of subjects.

In this episode, after shedding a few tears, we also managed to talk about the following.

  • Why do adults think it’s ok to dress up like children or hookers for Halloween?
  • Adult Halloween parties are the most awkward thing ever.
  • When is it ok to adopt a new team as your own? What are the rules?

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