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5 Books I Didn’t Read in 2015

Tis the season for book lists. The best of the year. My favorites of 2015. The books I most hope people will be impressed that I read. Well here is my contribution – 5 books I did not read this year!

Literary Novel Sensation by NaNoWriMo Participant

Titled “Petunia” or “Dark In the Day of Night” or “Catching Fireflies with Umbrellas” or some such, it is a multi-themed critically acclaimed masterpiece. Reviewers have compared it to “a combination of To Kill a Mockingbird, Atlas Shrugged, and Infinite Jest.” It moved readers, brought tears, and will be forgotten by summer of 2016.

The Theological Tome by Rising Professor

672 pages of old truths in a fresh package with some liturgy sprinkled throughout. It is called insightful, revolutionary, and fresh. Because that’s what happens when you repackage geniuses who came before you.

The Pop Psychology Phenomena by Pseudo Academic nee Journalist

Exploring the way the human mind works through anecdotes and speculation this book grips readers by making them feel far smarter than they are. Mention it and you become nouveau cosmopolitan in no time flat and the life of every dinner party (you imagine attending).

A Fresh Look At The Gospel by Former Conference Breakout Speaker

Gospel-centered, pseudo reformed goodness about missionally engaging culture incarnationally.

TED Talk Turned Business Mantra by Entrepreneur with One Good Idea

How many pages can you turn a seventeen minute talk into? It depends on how many times you mention Apple, Amazon, Google, and Zappos while using the mantra phrase at least once per page. But don’t worry self-identified business leaders eat this stuff up.

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