Blazing Center / Happy Rant / December 13, 2015

New Happy Rant: Advent vs. Lent, Guilty Pleasures, and a Secret Sports Addiction

You can count on us to get your week started off right. Here is episode 66 of the Happy Rant to offer you a little levity on your last week of work before Christmas. Hang in there! In this episode we rant about the following:

  • Ronnie may not be a “sports fan” but he does have one secret sports love
  • Why do evangelical Christians feel so comfortable with Advent and celebrate it so much but kind of weird out about Lent?
  • What’s the deal with guilty pleasures? Why should anyone feel guilty about enjoying music or movies just because someone in skinny jeans says so?
  • A little bonus chat about who would win the Heisman. Did Ted and Barnabas guess correctly?

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We also want to thank Resonate Recordings, the fine folks who make us sound listenable. If you are looking for great people to help your church put out recorded sermon audio or help you with a podcast they’re your people. They’ve also recently put out a couple albums for artists Whitney Bozarth and Adrian Mathenia and you can listen to those for free.

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