Blazing Center / Happy Rant / December 28, 2015

New Happy Rant: Post Christmas Depression (PCD), When Stars Should Retire, and New Year’s Resolutions

Christmas has come and gone. For some this offers relief. For others, depression. But it also means the New Year is upon us, so we look ahead. In this episode of The Happy Rant we hit the following.

  • PCD – post Christmas Depression, an acute (if fictitious) ailment that Ronnie suffers from.
  • When should star performers and athletes retire? How do they know? Is it bad to hold on too long?
  • Tis the season for new year’s resolutions, but what do we think of them and do we make them?

We want to thank Resonate Recordings, the fine folks who make us sound listenable. If you are looking for great people to help your church put out recorded sermon audio or help you with a podcast they’re your people. They’ve also recently put out a couple albums for artists Whitney Bozarth and Adrian Mathenia and you can listen to those for free.

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