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The Question We Must Ask About Everything

Every book, every sermon, every blog, and every new idea  post must answer one question. It is the question I keep in mind as I write each of these posts and the one I used to ask when I evaluated manuscripts for publication. It’s the one I ask when a new strategy gets proposed at work. It’s the question I ask every Sunday morning at church and every time I delve into a new book or blog post.


Any message or text in any medium that fails to give a clear answer to this question is, at best, a collection of boring facts or anecdotes.

A sermon becomes simply information about a text, its background, some perspectives on it, or its characters. Is its main point that this Greek verb implies X and such image to the reader? So what?

A blog post is just a rant about some hobby horse or other. Or maybe it’s a critique of some aspect of culture or ministry. So what?

The book you’re reading (or writing) might be an expose on the downfall of American culture or an explanation of some theological minutiae? It might point out 7 problems we face in America today. So what?

The “so what” factor doesn’t have to be explicit. It doesn’t have to be a three step application. It doesn’t even have to be expansive, dynamic, or intense. But has to be clear and present. Without it a message is just information that has no bearing on life. Without the “so what” it’s simply the communicator showing off.

Every message should lead to something more than new knowledge. Knowledge is handy, but only if it leads to thought, inspiration, or action. But the only way to provide this in a message is to be constantly asking yourself “so what?” as you prepare it. What are you seeking to get the reader or hearer to think, feel, or do? If you don’t have an answer, neither will they.

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Feb 27, 2016

Be careful about your “So What?” question because it can be a lazy way to dismiss something that you disagree with or do not like.

Jan 07, 2017

[…] The Question We Must Ask About Everything by Barnabas Piper […]

Jan 07, 2017

Luckily, when we preach the Word we never have to ask, “so what”. It is for every culture and for every time. The Holy Spirit goes out in front of it to reach people in ways we could never fathom because we do not know all the things going on in the hearer’s life–but God knows and uses His Word to accomplish His purposes. His Word never returns void. Great article to make one think.

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