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If Pastors’ Kids Had Their Own Conference

After I wrote The Pastor’s Kid a couple years ago I kept hearing from different PKs wondering if there was a conference for our kind. I don’t know of any, but the more I thought about it the funnier the idea became to me. A conference for PKs – here’s how that would look.

If PKs had their own conference . . .

. . . their parents would sign them up to volunteer at it.

. . . if they showed up late someone would call their parents.

. . . they would all try to sit at the back.

. . . half of them would be clamoring to lead worship.

. . . the rest would refuse to participate.

. . . everyone would show up with tucked in shirts or ankle-length skirts and immediately untuck or change.

. . . if an they skipped a session someone would call their parents.

. . . it would double as the sword drill national championship.

. . . males and females would sit on opposite sides of the arena without being told to.

. . . after the every session ended they would hang around for an hour complaining about being bored and hungry out of sheer habit.

. . . they would all listen tensely waiting for the speaker to use them as an example in his message

. . . no pastors could be invited to speak since the audience stopped listening to them years ago.

. . . all the quiet corners would be filled with people trying to sneak a smoke.

. . . when the smokers were caught security would immediately call their parents.

. . . at meals they would all try to find the “kids table.”

. . . at every evening session half of them would recommit their lives to Christ.

. . . they would all play truth-or-dare in the back of the bus on the way home.

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