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What If We Picked a President By Reality TV Competition?

My friend Lizette recently posted this to Facebook.

My first reaction was to laugh out loud. My second was to ask myself why stop there? Why only those reality TV competitions? Let’s see what might happen if we selected a president using other Reality TV competitions.


Hunger Games

Fictional, but gripping, this competition would at least give us a clear winner by indisputable victory. Not terribly promising on the foreign relations front. Or tax reform. Or sanctity of life. On the plus side the decks are cleared of holdover candidates for future elections.



This would work especially well for the GOP since there are about 14 possible contestants (give or take). Unlike the actual GOP they’d have to form alliances, though. Then again they’d get to backstab and lie. Seems quite promising, and it would  be gratifying to seem them voted off the island.


Fear Factor

The problem is that Trump would like lying in a pit of snakes. Rumor has it he sleeps in one every night. And I’m not sure Hillary has emotions, so it would be more like “Trying-to-find-the-right-face-for-the-camera Factor.” And Bernie would lose – just hold up a rifle with the word “capitalism” etched on the stock.


Dancing With the Stars

I’m not sure “backpedaling” is a dance step, but if it was we’d see it a lot in this competition. At least Bruno Tonioli is obnoxious enough to shout down the Donald.


Naked and Afraid

We’re already afraid. Let’s skip the naked. But if we could leave candidates inn the jungle it might be a decent trade-off.


Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay is already the Donald Trump of the kitchen. Come to think of it this might be a bit much. But I bet Kasich makes a mean veal parmesan.


Amazing Race

Teamwork, physical exertion, working well with foreign nationals – Seems like all the skills presidents need and ones that none of the candidates have. Hillary might have to vary from the pantsuit, though.


Biggest Loser

The only loser if we went this route is the American people, though it would be fun to see Jillian Michaels scream at Ted Cruz.


American Idol (Original Judges)

Can you imagine how Simon Cowell would respond to Bernie Sanders’ voice? And you know Hillary would pick a Cher song for her audition.


Wife Swap

The only one excited about this idea is Bill Clinton.

Too soon?


Man vs. Wild

I bet Trump would actually like eating raw yak liver in his underwear in sub-zero temps. It seems right up his alley.


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