Blazing Center / Parenting / July 22, 2016

Honest Parenting Haikus

Children whine without cease

It is to be expected.

It’s still annoying.


Daughters are lovely

But they never stop talking

So so many words.


Babies are so cute

It’s a very good thing too

Since they never sleep


Kids rebel often

But they give so many hugs

It’s all ok now


Mac and cheese again

Get used to it, moms and dads

Every lunch for years


Sibling rivalry

Is a nice way to describe

Constant loud fighting


Children hate quiet

Like cats hate dogs and water

It’s anathema


Can I have some water

Another bed time delay

Little con artists


“Your child is so sweet”

Says my daughter’s friend’s parent

Really? Not at home


“I love you daddy”

Says a child after trouble

All is forgiven


“Mommy said I could”

After daddy said no.

Kids are devious


“Hey daddy, watch this”

A child says one hundred times

Each trip to the pool


So many questions

You are a curious kid

That’s great. Go ask mom.


Your child got new jeans

Oh look – a hole in the knee

Every single time


I am always tired

Children steal my life force

They are like vampires


Fireworks are boring

Except when kids are there

Then they are so fun


Girls can scream so high

My ears can barely stand it

Like a dog whistle


Everything is new

To a small child exploring

They notice it all


Like a fairy tale

Is how kids see a forest

So much adventure


“Dad are we there yet?”

I hear from the back seat

No we just left home


“I do not like it”

Children say without trying

New foods or restaurants


Best friends and worst enemies

Is the only description

To explain siblings


I love you daddy

Is the perfect sentence

After a long day


Parenting is hard

And that’s an understatement

But it is worth it


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