Blazing Center / Happy Rant / August 29, 2016

New Happy Rant: Back to School, Nic Cage, and Old Fashioned Insults

In this episode of the Happy Rant Podcast Ted Kluck and Barnabas Piper (sans Ronnie Martin since he was off traipsing through small mid-American towns like a middling CCM band) discuss a handful of amusing and informative topics.

  • Back to school advice for parents and students alike
  • Is Nic Cage awesome or awful?
  • Movies that are so bad they are good
  • Old fashioned insults that need a good revival

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51J3vSECbxLAnd thank you to our second sponsor this week, Tyndale House Publishers. They are highlighting the book Next Door As It Is In Heaven by Lance Ford and Brad Briscoe. This book offers first principles and best practices to make our neighborhoods into places where compassion and care are once again part of the culture, where good news is once again more than words, and where the love of God can be once again rooted and established.

Like every week, we want to offer a big thank you to Resonate Recordings, the fine folks who make us sound listenable. If you are looking for great people to help your church put out recorded sermon audio or help you with a podcast they’re your people.

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Episode #101

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