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The Best Leadership Quotes from the 5LQ Podcast

I have the privilege – and it really is a privilege; that’s not just puffery – to interview top Christian leaders (and some who aren’t Christians but are really good at what they do) on a weekly basis alongside Todd Adkins for the 5 Leadership Questions podcast. I learn an incredible amount from getting to ask questions and converse with these people. Even knowing their credentials and accomplishments I am often blown away by their wisdom, practicality, and insight. Here are some of the best quotes from the first 100 episodes of the podcast. You can check out more episodes here. Were would love to have you as a regular listener!

Keep the room clean where you are. God will open the next door. – John Piper

You have to live out a deep sense of principles and vision. – John Perkins

Success is standing on your pile of mistakes rather than lying under them. – Dave Ramsey

Transformation occurs when you have the overlap of knowledge, experience, and coaching. – Todd Adkins

If you say you’re on mission but you don’t mention Jesus you’re on someone else’s mission. – Jeff Vanderstelt

The fruit of a believer is another believer, the fruit of a leader is another leader, the fruit of a disciple is another disciple. – Eric Geiger

Before you’re a worship leader you’re a worshipper. That should be you’re primary identity. – Stephen Miller

It’s easy to fill the brain and let the heart grow cold. – Danny Akin

‘Die to self’ is the practical thing. – Alli Worthington

A goal is a goal the moment you write it down, but a value has to be lived out over time. – Thabiti Anyabwile

The chief purpose behind our productivity is to do good for others. – Matt Perman

I define leadership as embodying what you want other people to become. – Derwin Gray

If you’re doing anything worth doing you’re going to run into criticism. – Eric Geiger

Nobody has ever built a great ministry out of good intentions. – John Maxwell

Your competency will take you only as far as your character can sustain you. – Carey Nieuwhof

When we begin to believe we deserve this platform that’s one of the last steps before trouble. – Louie Giglio

Don’t get so busy doing the work of the Lord that you don’t focus on the Lord of the work. – Ed Stetzer

There’s no ceiling on character. There can be a ceiling on hunger for character. – John Townsend

Every pastor is an interim pastor. – William Vanderbloemen

The hardest decisions we make on a regular basis are just day-to-day decisions that we put off. – Jenni Catron

Relevance is set by the gap between who you say you are and who you really are. What makes us irrelevant is when our message is not authentic. – Brian Houston

God doesn’t lead you out of something. God leads you into something. – Chris Sadler

If you position yourself as the hero of the story you will lose. – Donald Miller

Leaders don’t do exceptional things, they do ordinary things exceptionally well. – Louie Giglio

Don’t try to get the mic, try to have something to say. – Louie Giglio

Humility says ‘I don’t know everything.’ Curiosity says ‘what don’t I know? – Barnabas Piper

I do not want to trade my deep devotion to Jesus for numbers and impact. – Jennie Allen

A lack of persistence is a lack of values and vision. – Dan Rockwell

Christians are called to redeem entire cultures, not just individuals. – Rebekah Lyons

Am I building my own kingdom, the kingdom of others, or the Kingdom? – Brad Lomenick

The greatest leaders realize that most of their fruit grows on other people’s trees. – Todd Adkins

We’ve confused spectacular with supernatural. – Christine Caine

People’s talent can take them places their character can’t handle. – Lecrae

Changing for relevance can quickly become irrelevant. – Leonce Crump

Calling is about submitting yourself to how God is shaping you. – Daniel Im

Calling can lead you in any number of directions, but it will always lead you in a direction that is more godly. – Barnabas Piper

Do I consider myself the friend of Jesus or am I just afraid to disappoint Him? – Sammy Rhodes

Always contribute more than you’re paid to do. – Nick Caine

Innovation isn’t thinking outside the box. It’s thinking inside a better box. – Bobby Gruenewald

In time your content is shaped by your desire to monetize it. – Tim Challies

If you lead you will make mistakes. – Faith Whatley

If you’re constantly talking you’re only thinking about what you have to say and not what’s going on around you. – Kevin Spratt

Lateral leadership is earned influence. – Trevin Wax

Consultants give answers. Coaches don’t do that. Coaches help people discover answers. – Dan Rockwell

We need to see how things work here before we begin doing work. – Eric Mason

We need to constantly pursue our mission, not our successes. – Larry Osborne

The gospel is offensive, but nothing else should be. – Danny Franks

Catch people doing things right instead of catching them doing something wrong. – Simon Sink

Three quarters of an answer is better than an answer-and-a-half. – Simon Sinek

Healthy conflict is where people are not attacking each other, they are attacking a problem or challenge. – Eric Geiger

Be addicted to obedience, to obeying God’s leading. – Matt Brown

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