Blazing Center / Happy Rant / Politics / November 14, 2016

HAPPY RANT DOUBLE FEATURE: Talking Election Results and Talking NOT Election

Today we are releasing two episodes, one for those who want more election and Trump talk and one for those who downright sick of it and want more happy and less ranty. Of course you’re welcome to listen to both, and we encourage you to do so!

In the first episode we discuss the downfall of America, the end of the world, and whose fault it is. Or rather, the election of Donald Trump as president.

In the second episode we make up for all the politics by planning a TGC vs. T4G Royal Rumble. Who would Win? Who would be the champions, the managers, the up-and-comers. Listen to find out!

We’d like to thank Missional Wear (or Calvinist Swag if you prefer) for sponsoring. You can find a fantastic selection of apparel, art, mugs, pint glasses, and more there. And it’s good quality, artistically designed gear too! Check out their brand new design!. Use the code HAPPYRANT at checkout for a listener special deal – a free Happy Rant Sticker (or awesome discount, whichever they decide to roll with).

As usual we want to give a big shout to to Mark and Jacob of Resonate Recordings for doing all the heavy lifting to make us sound decent and get our voices to your earbuds. Be sure to hit them up for your audio editing and podcasting needs.

Feel free to hit us up on Twitter at @HappyRantPod or on Facebook or via email at with any topic suggestions or feedback. We love hearing from listeners!

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Episode #112

Episode #113

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