Happy Rant / November 28, 2016

NEW HAPPY RANT: Hipster Craft Fairs, Booing Pence, and Leaving Evangelicalism

This episode of The Happy Rant brings about a significant first – the first time Ted and Barnabas have ever set foot in the same room and at the Baptist Mecca itself – LifeWay Christian Resources. The chemistry is astounding, like Woodward and Bernstein or the showtime Lakers. They cover such wide ranging topics as the following:

  • Barnabas’s baby face and/or aging gracefully
  • Ronnie’s trip to a hipster craft fair
  • Was the booing of Mike Pence at Hamilton really a big deal?
  • Who likes musicals any how and if Ronnie could star in one what would his role be?
  • The trend of leaving evangelicalism – what does it mean and does it make any sense?

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Episode #115

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