Happy Rant / Humor / November 21, 2016

New Happy Rant: WE’VE GOT SWAG and Various Sartorial Tips

In this episode of The Happy Rant podcast Ted, Ronnie, and Barnabas celebrate a major business agreement coming to fruition with missional Wear in the form of swag to the nines, life changing swag, heart warming swag, coffee drinking swag, public display swag. They also discuss the following:

  • T-Shirt style preferences
  • Christian Celebrities and their haircuts
  • A potential episode for “Designed Person” based on D.A. Carson, his barber, and his barber’s apprentice
  • Dealing with thinning hair







Seriously, though, go to MissionalWear.com, search “Happy Rant” and load up not he awesome gear they have put together featuring our logo. Use the code “Rant” for discounts and specials.

Episode #114

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