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A Caveat About Caveats (OR – Why Writing on The Internet is A Pain)

I have a point to make, a clear concise point aimed at a particular audience. I intend to write it in a pointed manner aimed at certain readers. I will be incisive and cut to the chase.

That said, I have a quick caveat. Some of my readers will take issue with my point so let me address the thing I did not intend to address. It isn’t the point and I don’t have thoughts about that non-point right now. And that is not what this piece is about. There, that is out of the way.

Of course, on the other hand, other readers will disagree that my point is true, so let me seek to deflect those arguments as well. Instead of letting my insights stand on their own two feet and persuade or challenge readers it is best for me to distractedly tack swings at opposing view points.

And before I get started let me acknowledge that I am in a unique position to make this point and some readers will see that as disqualifying. So let me explain why I am qualified. Also, naturally I must give some background as to why I care about this punchy, pointed piece I have yet to actually get to. So yes, I may not be “of the masses,” but I do care because of my unique background and perspective and general ability to write.

I also just realized that some of what I address in this piece, once I get to actually addressing it, might be uncomfortable or offensive to some readers. Let me assure them that I do not condone or necessarily approve of such content. That said, I do think offensive – or “gritty” – content has a place in certain kinds of pieces, so let me suss that out briefly as well. Ok, we are ready to move on now.

But first let me just say that I remembered another angle I could have taken on this point. Here is the summation of that perspective and also why I chose not to write this pointed, sharp take in that way. See, this is a quick jab, a hard and fast take aimed a particular target. So naturally I could not address the other perspective I just addressed.

Now, on to my article . . . right after I explain that there are numerous writers who have addressed this very issue from varying perspectives and with differing levels of clarity and accuracy. I would like to thank their influence and contributions to my unique perspective and, again, to explain why I should also be speaking into this issue.

For my readers, As I begin, I’d like to thank you and to give a subtle address as to how you should read what I am about to write. I suspect you are a particular, bright kind of people. So please give this a gracious reading and see what I imply between the lines of my crisp, clean, direct writing.

With all that said I am ready to address the thing I came to address.

But first, let me say . . .

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