Blazing Center / Happy Rant / April 24, 2017

New Happy Rant: Platform Building, Bill O’Reilly, and What Are People Even Doing

In this episode of The Happy Rant Ted and Barnabas tackle a number of the most pressing topics in the news and on their minds. Ronnie was called away (seriously) moments before the show to attend to a pastoral matter, so he was unable to join them in their lively ranting.

  • Should Christians try to build a platform? If so how can we do this well?
  • Bill O’Reilly’s firing and how some evangelicals defend him
  • Objectification of women in media
  • What are people even doing? A new segment  in which we ask “what are people even doing?” about various things that drive us nuts. This episode features children’s birthday parties, bad NFL decisions, and Chick Fil A fear.

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Episode #138

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